A New Hobby…For Now

Since I was a kid, I have always been good at organizing: my closet, my binders in school, my own birthday parties, my friends lives and almost every other facet of my life.  Since then, I have coordinated major fundraising events, showers, tournaments, and my all time favourite: my wedding.  I had so much fun planning my own wedding, that I have had this inkling to plan more…and I finally got the chance to see one through on Saturday!

A family friend was getting married and her mom actually asked if I would like to help plan/coordinate.  The bride and groom live in Sudbury, but got married here in Kingston. She had gotten started, but needed help with the actual planning of the day.  Even though I knew it would be crazy with a 6 week old baby (I had just found out I was pregnant when she asked for my help) I knew it was something I really wanted to do!  So for the past several months, we have been in contact via email (mostly the bride, mother of the bride and myself) and we got this thing done – and it was awesome 🙂

It was held on the patio of the Senior Staff Mess at RMC.  I had never been to the venue until I met with the Event Coordinator a few months ago.  It was stunning.  Below is a photo of the gazebo and how it looked for the main event.  After the ceremony, we transformed the patio into a “bistro style” setting with tables, chairs and candles.  Guests enjoyed the breeze from Lake Ontario on a warm August day – and we lucked out that Fort Henry just happens to have fireworks every Saturday night – score!  There are only 30 chairs on the patio, but it was a short ceremony so guests didn’t mind standing.  Aisle chairs had these super cute pom-poms and tulle on them (see below for visual).

gazebo                 chair

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed signature cocktails and lemonade before the open bar started!  The apps were delicious and the drinks were cold, so people were happy!  After wedding photos, the wedding party came back and took a few family photos before dinner.  The dining hall was beautiful – centre pieces were done by Truggs with 99 cent vases from Ikea!  So budget friendly, but perfect for the look!  The bride’s mum made all of the table runners – we could not find the perfect purple.  Guests all took home mustard from the Brew Pub – the bride worked there in her University days.

tablePlace cards were tags left on pens.  Everyone was trying to figure out what the pens were for or symbolized, but wouldn’t find out until dinner.  The couple wanted to have a “time capsule” of sorts, so on each table was a book with the table number on it.  Guests were encouraged to write a message/advice/note that the couple would read on the respective anniversary (if you were at table 14, they would read your book on their 14th anniversary!)  It was super cute and hopefully people filled each book.


Since I had a 6 week old baby at home, I didn’t stay long after the room was changed over.  The cake and cupcakes were made by the bride’s cousin.  Chico & the Machine DJ’d – and were awesome.  The speeches were heartwarming and funny.  Guests acted out scenes from famous romantic movies – Top Gun, Love Actually, Casablanca, Jerry Maguire, The Wedding Singer – to name a few. The most anticipated part of the evening though had to be the chip truck we hired to pull up out front, in lieu of a midnight snack!

It was amazing and I had such a great time planning and being there to coordinate their day.  It is definitely something I would like to continue doing more seriously in the future.

“Do what you love, love what you do”


30 Days as a Mom of TWO!

Well, I’m still alive.

From day one of pregnancy, I had a couple of lingering anxieties: how will I be able to love Drew and a new baby? How is Drew going to react to becoming a sibling? How will I handle two kids? A few times during the pregnancy, I remember asking Rob “What the hell are we thinking?”

For those of you who know Drew, you know he is very active. He doesn’t stop talking and/or moving from the time he gets up in the morning until the time he goes to bed (and sometimes he is quite the mover in his sleep!). He has been the centre of our world since the second he made his appearance. The day we found out we were expecting baby #2, we started prepping Drew for siblinghood. He would be 3 when baby came, and we found it pretty easy to explain things – what he’d get to do with baby, how he couldn’t body slam mommy anymore, that he was going to have to share toys, and that this was going to be so much FUN! He was pretty excited for most of the pregnancy, but 33 weeks seemed to drag on to an impatient toddler.

The day Blake made his arrival, Drew was so excited. It killed me for him to see me in pain at home, so I sucked it up and put on a brave face during contractions. On our way out the door I had to stop and think – “oh my god, this is the last time I will see him as my only baby”. I also couldn’t help but think “what if something goes wrong”. I hugged him like it would be the last time and told him I was going to get his brother.

He came to the hospital – my first visitor. I couldn’t wait, but a part of me was panicking about how he was going to react now that baby was a reality. He was AMAZING! He wanted to hold him, kiss him and tell him all about his day with Gramma so far.

My last four weeks have been very different than my first four with Drew. I remember sleeping a lot during the day. I remember being anxious about every decision I made. I remember being so grateful that I was living at home with my Mom and had her support 24 hours a day! I don’t know if it was because of the natural delivery (that story is a whole other post) or just because my body wasn’t/couldn’t be exhausted, but I feel so much better this time. Drew goes to daycare 3 days a week, which gives time for Blake and I to bond, do groceries without bathroom breaks, and watch what we want to on tv. Mondays and Fridays are usually planned to the max to keep Drew busy, which in turn makes him happy. I try so hard not to say things like ”we can’t because of Blake” or “wait for Blake to be ready”. We do almost all of the same activities we did before Blake, and Drew actually wants to include him more.

I won’t tell you it’s been easy…there are definitely days where I still say “what was I thinking?”, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have to hand it to all you mamas (including my own) who have kids closer in age. I find it easier that Drew is independent, potty trained and fully communicative.

So far, so good. I know there will always be ups and downs, but the relationship that these boys have and will grow into is one of the greatest accomplishments in my life so far.