He Asked, I Said Yes: SIX Years Ago! (Say What?!)

Six years ago today, my high school sweetheart of almost six years surprised me with a random dinner out. Ok, it wasn’t totally random for us to go out to dinner on a Friday night (ha! As it would be now!). It was more random that we went to The Keg – a restaurant that was usually reserved for special occasions. Little did I know that I was a special occasion!

Now, I have to say that I was obviously anticipating this happening at some point, but every time I brought it up to Rob he shrugged it off and would say something like “maybe some day”. Ugh. I was tired of being asked “so when do you think it will happen?” And always getting “would you guys just get married already?”. I had started getting “antsy” and thought it was happening on a few occasions prior to this night. In April of the same year we had gone to Dominican and I KNEW it was going to happen. Seriously, Rob knelt down to tie his shoe one night we were there and I almost blurted out YES! I had wedding fever, but did not want to pressure Rob. We were both just getting into our careers, wanted to buy a house and had other goals in mind….

I’ll save some of the longer details, but we had an awesome dinner at The Keg. It was weird for us to go there on a random date – spending $100+ on a Friday was a major special occasion back then. After dinner, we decided to walk around downtown, again totally a thing we do when it’s nice out to work off dinner. It was a beautiful October night – warm, fog on the water, and hopping downtown. As we strolled through Confederation Park, he said some mushy things in a very nervous voice and casually slipped the ring box into my hand!! (Internally, I was saying “holy shit, this better be a big ring and he better get down on one knee! *squeal*). What came out “Are you seriously asking me? ” and I got my fairytale, down-on-one-knee, just like the movies proposal πŸ˜€

I have this beautiful custom designed ring, one no one else will ever have. One that my husband had taken weeks, if not months to carefully design just for me! I also (officially) got to become part of the Laurin family, who I love as if they have always been part of my life. I got the inner satisfaction of my Dad knowing and loving the man I married. But most importantly, six years ago today, Rob & I took a new step I’m our commitment to one another and I got this amazing fiancΓ©e who would eventually become my husband – and there is no one else I’d rather spend the days on this adventure of life with.

October 5, 2007 will always be a special day. Today, we spent it with our boys having our first family photos done as a family of four. We have gone through a lot since that amazing day, but somewhere in the evolution of our relationship, we are still those “kids” at heart.



Blake: 3 Months!

Oh my goodness how time is flying! Our littlest little is already 3 months old today!

We don’t have a doctors appointment, so I don’t have accurate stats this month, however I can tell you that this baby is eating well and growing like a weed.

So far, Blake and Drew have been very similar babies. However, there is one difference: sleep patterns. At 8 weeks, Drew was sleeping through the night – at least 8-10 hours, would get up to eat and then go back to sleep for a couple hours. This seemed to happen on its own, no intentional sleep training happened. Blake however has good nights and tough nights still (except last night he went 8 hours!). Other nights he’s up every 2 hours and ready to party around 5am. Admittedly I haven’t done anything to set a routine/schedule. I’ve been waiting for this 3 month mark to see if he’d put himself on one. In the last couple of weeks, he has been having a morning nap for about 90 minutes, a long afternoon nap (2-4 hours) and an evening snooze while we eat dinner (30-45 min). He puts himself to bed around 8 usually and will sleep until 1 or 2am. During growth spurts he adds In a quick snack around midnight πŸ™‚ I know things will even out, but my ultimate goal before the next blog post is to tell you we are on a fairly consistent schedule.

Well, breastfeeding is/was going really well. It is just so different than with Drew who wouldn’t latch and we ended up bottle feeding from the start. We ended up introducing formula during the 6 week growth spurt when I just couldn’t keep up physically and emotionally anymore. Since then, I’ve continued to nurse during the night and at least pump during the day to keep my milk supply up. I’m hoping to at least breastfeed part-time until solids are introduced, but will listen to my body and baby first and foremost. Rob really enjoys the bottle feeding because they get to hangout, it’s convenient and takes little effort to “whip up” when he’s home by himself with the boys.

This has been a fun month! The smiles and giggles are plentiful πŸ™‚ I love the cooing and am in awe of the “I’m discovering new things” face that come at this stage.

We have started using the Bumbo, something we never did with Drew. I’m not sure I’m sold on it, but it’s something different for him to sit in while I make dinner!

Drew has been an amazing big brother and it has been so fun to watch Blake become more aware of this creature known as Brother. There is very little evidence of jealousy, however I always find myself laughing when Blake is fussing and Drew starts crying and that makes Blake meltdown…ugh it’s awful, but I laugh at myself because I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


This month will be quite the busy month in the Laurin house!
Drew starts swimming lessons tonight and Rob & I are both balancing time at the arena this month.
We also have a wedding, Thanksgiving with my family, and we are celebrating my Grampa’s 90th birthday Thanksgiving weekend with all of our family!
The end of the month sees the bittersweet saying goodbye to my family home (more on that in a future post) and my mom & brother both getting their new houses!
Blake has been such a chill baby, it’s nice to know that he’s just along for the ride πŸ™‚