Blue, Blue and more BLUE!

This post is a little bit late, but I wanted to post about our nursery!

With baby #2, we chose to find out the gender because we a) didn’t have time to do a dream nursery and b) we didn’t have our home with Baby #1. Drew’s nursery was already a butter yellow and we just kept it that way and decided to decorate around it. We didn’t do much, but enough to make it his. With Blake’s room, we wanted a true nursery.

The Plan

I searched Pinterest and finally found what I loved. Rob had other ideas. The room is the smallest of our four bedrooms, so I wanted to keep it light and clean. Rob wanted dark and “masculine”. He painted his plan as a surprise….and then he repainted 🙂

Here was the inspiration:


I thought maybe it was too intricate, but Rob was game, so we went for it!

I LOVE IT! We have had some furniture challenges in the small room, but I think it’s definitely functional. Finding the perfect chair was proving difficult –
too big, not comfortable, too expensive, etc. I finally found the perfect one – in my moms basement. It used to be my Granny’s chair – it is crazy green underneath the blankets. But it’s small, has an ottoman, rocks and swivels!

We still have a second floating shelf to go up, and maybe a couple things for the wall, but we love the space.

I love the floating shelves! Perfect for a few treasured books, sentimental stuffed animals and, what Laurin boys room would be complete without a hockey skate bank?!

I would love to show you the closet, but it’s a little bit ridiculous at this point. Anyone who knows me knows that I was obsessed with clothes for Drew. Ya, well now they (along with some from our nephew and some borrowed items from a friend) are EXPLODING from the closet! The clothing reuse was probably one of our biggest savings with having another boy!

I am super happy with how it turned out! My husband is a painting/straight line wonder! It will definitely be hard to ever paint over this one 🙂


Blake: 4 Months!

Ok, how did this happen? Seriously, where have the last four months gone? Our littlest little is now four months old – ok, 4 1/2 months by the time I got around to writing this post! Here’s the update…

Weight: 20.4lbs – for those of you wondering, Drew was 17.3 at the same age.

Length: 27″ (Drew was 26.5″ at 4 months).

Sleep: He sleeps, just not through the night. He has definitely started his own little routine: bed at 7pm, up some nights at 11, definitely up around 3am and then at 7am. Naps from about 8-10am and 12-3pm (or thereabouts depending on what’s on our schedule!). My intent is to start getting a little more rigid about the “schedule” at around 5 months, but until then, this is working! I just need to get better at going to bed before 11 🙂

We feel like he “never sleeps”, but I think it’s totally because we were spoiled with Drew who basically slept through the night at 8 weeks.

Food: We have dabbled in the cereal world, but he’s not 100% ready and it doesn’t help the sleep pattern. We’ll keep trying it this week and see where we get 🙂

New Things: I feel like 4 months is when life must get fun for babies…and parents who feel like their infant is always in the same spot. Now is the fun part: exersaucer, Jolly Jumper, going crazy on the play mat– so much fun!

We also have severe giggles, huge smiles, and he’s discovered that he too can stick out his tongue!

Looking forward: OMG two of my best girlfriends are expecting any time now! By the time I write the 5 month blog, we will have 2 new babies in our lives! We are so excited for both Baby M (already late to the party) and Baby C!

Also looking forward to new foods, working on the rollover and continuing to watch the brother bond grow between the boys.


Until next month!

The House that Built Me

Mama cut out pictures of houses for years
From “Better Homes and Garden” magazine
Plans were drawn and concrete poured
And nail by nail and board by board
Daddy gave life to mama’s dream
~ Miranda Lambert

A week ago today, I drove to my parents’ Sydenham home for the last time. I didn’t have any idea how seeing this big, empty house would make me feel. I walked through quietly while my mom and Aunt loaded the last few things. Every room had memories. The living room, which I hardly spent time in, was where I had my wedding photos taken. The kitchen – host to many family events, late night talks, bar tending, lunch club and was the hub of the action. The family room, full of Christmas Joy, watching the game, and tons of fun. The basement – turned into a sweet apartment when Rob and I moved home. This “reno” was where my Dad and future husband spent a lot of time one summer. My bedroom – I could remember the blackout colours it was first painted so that no sun could disturb my teenage sleep-ins, the blue boxes, the slumber parties, how much I resented my brother for getting the lake view room, waking up after my bachelorette and having like 8 of my closest girlfriends there with me. I then thought of the circle this room had completed when it was the room that Drew called his while we lived here.

I walked out on the deck of my parents’ room and looked over the lake I have called home my entire life. I realized that my family wasn’t just leaving behind a house, but a community and one that had brought so much awesome to our lives. We had moved before, but never out of the Greater Sydenham Area. We went to school in Sydenham, both of my parents taught at SHS and we will all always be Eagles. The thing I’ll miss most isn’t the house itself, it’s the lake. The lake is where we learned to swim, water ski, tube, drive boats, skate and shovel a good rink. The lake is also where we spent countless hours with family and friends playing pond hockey, trying new tricks on the disc, cliff jumping and swimming off the boat in the middle of the lake. The lake definitely has always been such a huge part of our lives. One of the last things I remember talking to my dad about was how the lake sparkles…it does on sunny days when it hits a ripple just right, or when it’s covered with fresh powder in the winter. It sure has sparkled over the last 29 years.

As my mom locked the door (that never happened while we lived there!), it hit me. I was saying goodbye to the house that my Dad and his friends built, one that was everything my parents had ever wanted, one that was lived in and loved in. I thought of how my mom could finally move on and not resent him every time something broke. How we could all stop feeling like he was just going to walk back through the door. As we left, my mom said “it’s just a house.” But we both knew it wasn’t, it was a home that will never be fully replaced. We will always have those amazing memories.

Now, it’s someone else’s turn to enjoy the home that built me and all I can do is hope that it brings as much love and joy to the new family as it did to ours.