Blake: 5 Months

Yesterday was a big day around here! Blake turned 5 months old on the same day that Rob & I celebrated 12 years together!

A lot has happened in the last month! Not sure on the stats this month, but he is now wearing 6-9m clothing and some 9-12!!

Blake started eating solids – rice cereal and a couple bowls of banana mash. It’s almost time for the crazy baby food making to begin!

He experienced his first snowfall and we have decorated for Christmas 🙂

Other exciting news – Blake has 2 new friends, born less than 24h apart! It is so exciting to have friends with babies at the same time 🙂
This month has been fun – more giggling, more coos and sounds, more sleep (Yay!) and more sibling love than you could shake a stick at!

What’s up this month? Baby’s first Christmas, introducing more family to our littlest man, and enjoying time as the LaurinFour 🙂

Until next month!