Blake: Six Months!


Well, we did it, we made it to SIX months already! I can’t even begin to describe how fast this baby is growing, how fast six months has hit and how I don’t even want to think about how many months I have left at home!

Here are the six month stats…

Weight: 22.5 pounds (up 2.1 pounds from the last weigh in)

Length: 29.25 inches (up 2.25″ in 2 months)

For those keeping score, Drew was 20.5 pounds & 28″ long at 6 months. Annnnd Drew wasn’t a small cookie!

Yes, please! I kid. Kind of. Things are getting much better and far more consistent these days! He sleeps through a lot of the time, and if he gets up it’s usually just for a quick drink. It also usually happens if he goes to bed…he’ll get up at 3:30 and then go back to bed until 7am. So, he’s still going 9-10 hours at a time if not longer. That makes for a much happier and more productive mama.

I am also getting consistent 2 naps a day: one in the morning (1-2hrs usually) and a longer one in the afternoon (2.5-3.5 hours). There is also sometimes a quick catnap around 6pm on a full belly :). I am not being strict with the “routine” because it seems to work for us and I have to be flexible to drop off/pick up Drew at daycare.

Oh, we are all over solids and Blake loves every bite! I had started to try solids just after 4 months, but Blake clearly wasn’t ready. So, I waited until about 5 months and we tried again – success! I make all of my own baby food, except for the cereal. I should get better at doing that, but they are only eating it for so long. So far, there hasn’t been a food this kid turns his nose at, but we haven’t gone green yet – peas are on the menu next week.
Loves so far: rice, oats, banana, avocado, apples, pears, sweet potato, carrots, squash.
Up next: mixed grains, peas, mango

This past month has been big: rolling from front to back and sitting unassisted! He is also trying so hard to army crawl to his toys when they are just out of reach.

Playtime just gets better and better! Blake loves the Jolly Jumper, the exersaucer, Sophie the Giraffe, sensory balls and blocks. The possibilities are endless. There is definitely one thing that he loves, like LOVE loves: Andrew. It is so sweet. After being anxious on how this brother dynamic would pan out, it has been nothing but awesome. Blake (or Blaker, as only Drew is allowed to call him) only has eyes for Drew. He loves to watch the iPad with him, read books together, play together — the sweetest really!

Major Events
Well, this was a busy month! Celebrating Blake’s first Christmas and our first as the Laurin Four was so exciting! The best part was spending time with friends and family who we just don’t get to see often enough! There were great surprises and so many memories, it was awesome!

What’s Next?
More foods, more growing and maybe even a tooth?

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