Blaker … Eight Months Old

Oh man…Blake is already 8 months old!


Still no official stats – we go to the doctors next month 🙂 Blake has definitely stretched out this last month – especially in the upper body.

He’s wearing mostly 12-18M clothing.

We are totally in a routine at night. He is always ready for bed around 6/630, but we stretch it as close to 7 as possible. He sleeps until 6:30am most days but is more than content to just talk to himself in the crib until 7! …and I am more than happy to get the extra 30mins!

Naps are still fairly consistent at 9am and 1pm, but he’s also very good at adjusting if we are out and about. Naps are usually about 2 hours in the morning and 2-2.5 hrs in the afternoon.


Solids are starting to make appearances: steamed veggies, chicken, cheese, baby puffs, pancakes, toast, chopped fruit). Puréed food is still going well, but he definitely likes to eat again with the whole family 🙂

Still just the two…but the top 2 aren’t far behind! For the most part he’s handling it very well, but if he’s tired I find it’s hard to feed him and I wonder if they just bother him more while he’s eating.

Well, he’s very close to crawling, but completely prefers to stand and cruise. He wants to chase Drew so bad!

Until next month!



The Dirty Thirty.

I have to admit it, I’ve been a little down about turning thirty. I’m not sure if it’s a number thing or if I’m not really sure what happened to my twenties, maybe a little bit of both. So, to cheer myself up and have something to look forward to completing in the next decade, I’ve made a list of 30 things I want to do/accomplish before 40….here we go (in no particular order):

1. Learn to surf
2. Visit Hawaii
3. Spend a whole weekend at a spa
4. Take a class on something completely unrelated to my career
5. Take a “staycation” with my husband once a year
6. Visit the maritimes … And actually see them. I’ve only ever been for work and not during peak seasons.
7. Visit my grandparents more often
8. Be the best auntie ever to my soon-to-be nephew :):)
9. Weigh less than I do at 30.
10. Keep in better contact with my cousins
11. Learn more about wine
12. Learn to crochet
13. Take my husband to a Cowboys game…in Dallas.
14. Go to Disney
15. Teach the boys how to ski – snow and water.
16. Be in more photos with my kids (I’m always the photographer)
17. Blog more
18. Plan weekly meals
19. Visit Europe
20. Redo NYC – 48 hours just wasn’t enough
21. Hire a cleaning lady. 3 boys in the house – enough said
22. Go on more dates.
23. Spend more time at the cottage
24. Enjoy being a mom
25. Catch up and maintain family photo albums/baby books
26. Call my friends I don’t see just to catch up
27. Take a girls weekend once a year with my best friends from all of the different corners of my life.
28. Drink more tea while it’s hot
29. Spend time with my mom
30. Organize and declutter my house. Live with what we need and give to those who aren’t able to have everything they need.

Cheers to my thirties 🙂