April 24: My Dad’s Date of Birth

It’s really tough to describe the way I feel on April 24th. Six years ago it was a day that we would all get together, stuff our faces (usually Chinese food and ice cream cake) and give Dad gifts -usually something corny and something for the upcoming golf season. But since he died, I’ve met this day with mixed emotions every year. At first it was really sad , then it was more so weird to still acknowledge the day as a “celebration”, today it was what seemed like just another day.

It seemed like it. But today was not one of my greatest – and as I reflect on the day with a cup of tea, I realize it was probably because in my heart today was not just another day.
I woke up from what felt like a great sleep and was instantly tired. The boys seemed a little more crazy today – but I’m certain it was because I just wanted a minute to think about my dad and it felt like I couldn’t find one. Vehicle issues, four year old attitude, teething baby and lack of caffeine just piled up. I was an impatient mom, probably a snarky wife and a daughter who could barely imply that I remembered what today was when I saw my mom. Seriously, why did my heart sink a little bit when she said she had other plans?! It wasn’t a big deal – but my mood today sucked.

It sucked until we were driving home with a grande caffeine filled beverage (that I almost got to drink 100% hot). Drew was giving me the play-by-play of what he saw out the window…the stores, the colours of the cars, the boats at the marina…..and “look mom, the lake is sparkling”. Say what? What four year old refers to the lake as sparkling? It made me smile. Some of the last words my dad ever said to me on one of my visits home while he was sick (and probably a little loopy for those of you who knew him) was “look at the lake – it’s just sparkling”. I remember because it made my mom and I giggle that he would say something like that.

He was shining on us today. He warmed up the outside so that my kids could burn some energy and so that I could get some vitamin D – I’m sure of it. He put the sun in our lives today so we could celebrate the life that he gave us and enjoy the day.

Every time the lake sparkles, it sure reminds me of him. I’m glad Drew finds it so interesting that it makes the cut in the play-by-play.

Happy birthday Dad 🙂 Keep on sparkling!



Our Baby is FOUR.

Four years ago we got the Christmas surprise of a lifetime – we were 26 weeks pregnant!

Four years later we have the coolest, most intelligent, athletic and sweet four year old out there.

Here are the stats:

Weight: 42.5lbs – 90th percentile

Height: 110cm = 3’7″ – 95+ percentile

ImageIt’s amazing that this sweet little baby has become the crazy four year old we have today!

I thought it would be fun to “Take Stock” of Drew at 4

Making : a mess – wherever he goes 🙂
Drinking : apple juice or chocolate milk or hockey juice
Reading: hockey books, anything he can try to “read”
Wanting : every superhero and nerf gun there is in the universe.
Looking : forward to the nice weather sticking around.
Playing : road hockey
Wasting : water.
Wishing : Dad could stay home – he’s so much more fun!
Enjoying : being the big brother
Waiting : for Blake to get up…always.
Wondering : if he can go to school NOW?!
Loving : being an independant kid
Hoping : to go to bed soon
Marveling : lol, I’m not sure 4 year olds truly “marvel” but at this point, it’s probably at how there’s always something to watch on the ipad 😉

Needing: a snack, really, realllllllly bad
Smelling : lol ummmmmm depends on the time of day.
Wearing : either jeans that have a “click waist”, comfy pants or Spiderman pjs
Following : everything the older kids down the street are doing.

Noticing: all the small things
Thinking : Blaker cries all the days. (he doesn’t, but it’s what he likes to tell everyone!)
Bookmarking : Where we are in the superhero bedtime story book
Opening : the fridge or the snack cupboard
Giggling : at everything. this kid laughs A LOT.
Feeling: so excited for school, getting to play soccer/tball/hockey now that he’s four. Seriously pumped.

In short: Drew is awesome. We love him to bits!

Image      Image   drew 4

Blaker…9 months!

You saw that right – nine – NINE months old already!


Weight: 23.4lbs (up only .9lbs since 6 months!)  He has dropped from like the 100th percentile to between the 50-75th percentile.

Length: 31.3 inches (up almost 2″ in 3 months)  He continues to be way above the 95th percentile in height! Tall guy!

This kid has definitely shot up since his last check-up …he eats quite a bit, but is also very active now 🙂



Still doing pretty good in that department! The only thing that has changed is that now that he can pull himself up, it’s not as easy to just put him down.  We used to be able to put him down and he’d just put himself to sleep.  Now, he has to be pretty sleepy – he hasn’t figured out that he needs to sit down and lay back down, so he FREAKS out standing in his crib.  One day he’ll understand…


Still eating everything! He is loving more real people food, which is great for me as the one who makes all of the purees! I am making far less than I did with Drew.  I am also far more relaxed! Since I’m not all that concerned with allergies being passed down, I’ve given the egg whites & strawberries.  We eat eggs all of the time and Drew could eat a Costco sized pack of strawberries in a couple short days – so why not include Blaker?!  Eggs are such an easy way to get some protein since chicken and other meats are a hard sell with texture at this point.  Chickpeas have made an appearance in the last month as well as yogurt.


Still just 2! I swear there are at least 4 more that are very close to coming, but they sure are taking their sweet time!


Well, we have a crawler!  This is so strange to us since Drew never crawled.  It doesn’t take long for him to zip from one side of the house to the other!  He is pretty fast, but it also means that my floors have to be fairly clean (ahhh crap!).  He has also gotten VERY good at cruising the furniture/toys/people/whatever he can get his hands on to go from point A to point B.

We are looking forward to Blake’s first Easter next weekend 🙂


Taking Stock…two

Well, it’s the end of the month and time to take stock 🙂 Thanks again Mrs. Sisson for the reflection!

Making : to-do lists
Drinking : Nothing at the moment
Reading: old blog posts
Wanting : a good night’s sleep
Looking : forward to the weekend!
Playing : CandyCrush…addicted.
Wasting : time …precious time.
Wishing : for another sunny day tomorrow 🙂
Enjoying : time with both of my boys these days
Waiting : for the kettle to boil
Wondering : if life changes with a four year old?
Loving : that hockey season is over.
Hoping : to go to bed soon
Marveling : at how I kicked Rob’s ass in our NCAA Basketball Brackets! Dinner out for me 🙂

Needing : a cleaning lady
Smelling : carpet cleaner…ooops.
Wearing : yoga capris and tank top
Following : MLB Opening Day – not by choice, but it’s on tv.

Noticing: the dust under the bookcases.
Thinking : OMG I’m going to have a four year old next week.
Bookmarking : Back to work fashion
Opening : the fridge
Giggling : at YouTube vids on Facebook…where do people find these things?
Feeling: Excited for a busy but fun few weeks ahead!

Until next month…


The Best Birthday Gift. Ever.

On March 3, I turned thirty. Seriously, the big 3-0. Ugh. I have a serious aging issue and this just makes it seem like life if going way too fast. But, through an amazing gift from my mom, I’m getting over myself and realizing it has been 30 years that most people can only dream of!

The gift wasn’t expensive, it wasn’t wrapped in a huge box and didn’t include diamonds.

It was 30 of her memories of the last 30 years in 30 days…and 30 chocolates to go with them.

Best. Gift. Ever


This is how it came – in a lantern. Except each of the cards were individually wrapped. I opened one envelope a day for the other 30 days in the month (and ate a chocolate too!). It was the most fun I’ve had opening a gift in all of my 30 birthdays!


Topics were from every corner of my life: infancy, toddler, being a big sister, my travel, sports, university, Rob, the boys, my friends, my dad and her

Some of my favs:

20140331-221859.jpg           20140331-221913.jpg

20140331-221925.jpg         20140331-221936.jpg


I had an amazing birthday with my friends and family. It’s truly what birthday are about – celebrating your life and who you have (and have had) in it. It’s about the memories you’ve created throughout the years with those who think you are just as special as you think they are.

Thanks mom, for the amazing gift of memories, but even more for the most wonderful 30 years a daughter could ask for!