Happy Father’s Day!

A quick post to pay homage to the amazing men in my life, who also happen to be fathers.

First, my husband.  The father of our amazing, silly, crazy, funny boys. A man who works so hard to give us a life that we are proud of but also finds time to shower us with love, attention and devotion. It takes a certain kind of guy to balance so many things and be great at all of them. We appreciate how hard he works to maintain the balance and still is an amazing daddy 🙂

Rob, Andrew & Blake when Blake was born.

Rob, Andrew & Blake when Blake was born.

Next, my Dad. Yep, it’s a tough day.  But you know, it’s getting easier and easier as I can share my memories with Drew.  It makes me sad that the boys will never know him in person. I know he would have done anything for them and would’ve loved to have been part of their lives.  He was an amazing man and father – lessons I will never forget and carry with me as I raise my own family.

Me and my dad :) Summer 1984

Me and my dad 🙂 Summer 1984

I am also lucky enough to have a wonderful father-in-law.  Norm, thank you for being a part of my life and caring for me as if I was your own. Our boys sure love Grandpa and we wish we lived closer so that we could see you more often. 

Grandpa with Andrew & Blake

Grandpa with Andrew & Blake

And finally, a shout out to my little brother who is going to be a daddy in a few short weeks. Al, or known in our house as “Uncle”, is going to be an awesome father — if you ask Drew, he is a super wicked Uncle. 


Uncle & Andrew - Summer 2012

Uncle & Andrew – Summer 2012

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. The ones we have, the ones we had, the soon to be dads and the men waiting for their chance.


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