Taking Stock of June

I realize I am three days late, but man it was a busy week!

Making : to-do lists for work & home
Drinking : water
Reading: Manuals on sport development programs
Wanting : my office to be finished
Looking : for a cake idea for Saturday
Playing : Songza
Wasting : peels on fruit, crusts on bread
Wishing : it was easier to drop the boys off at daycare
Enjoying : quiet
Waiting : for the world to change
Wondering : where the last year went
Loving : watching the boys grow up as best friends (most of the time)
Hoping : for a nice weekend!
Marveling : at how happy our home feels
Needing : a massage
Smelling : fresh rain
Wearing : shorts, l/s shirt
Following : Wimbledon & World Cup
Noticing: the little changes everyday
Thinking : of all the things I need to do for the weekend
Bookmarking: 1st birthday ideas
Opening : new documents I have to read for work
Giggling : all.the.time.
Feeling: overwhelmed, but excited for this new career adventure!



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