Blake – 1 year old!

Oh my goodness – how did we get here already? So cliche I know, but this year has gone so fast!

20140706-113909-41949768.jpg     IMG_3092

Stats: While I don’t have official stats yet (B’s 1 year appointment isn’t until the 14th), I can tell you this guy has stretched in the last few weeks.  We are getting very close to being out of 18M sleepers and shorts – the kid’s got legs!

Sleep: Since going to daycare, Blake has been a little all over the place with naps. He’s also cutting 2 more teeth wich always seems to mess with him during the day.  I’m not sure if it’s the transition to daycare or that he’s simply at the stage of cutting out a nap, but he seems to be trying to push through to just an afternoon(ish) nap these days.   He’s still sleeping 7pm-6:30/7am.

Last sleep before turning ONE!

Last sleep before turning ONE!

Eats: Everything and then goes back for seconds.  Rob & I comment almost every day that we can’t believe how much this kid eats.  He will usually eat his entire meal (and more) and then while we eat he will want some of whatever we are having – which most of the time is exactly what he has already had!

We have also made the transition to homo milk.  We do sometimes give formula or a combo, but that is only because we still have more than half of a Costco sized can!  The transition was fairly seamless – I just started mixing 1 part milk-3 parts formula and then slowly started decreasing the amount of forumula.   Next step – ditch the bottle!

Teeth: Still 4, with at least 1 more on the way!

Words: A new category! This boy is chatty – when he gets the chance 🙂 Although all words aren’t clear as day, they are definitely words and associated with particular people or things.   We have the following vocab: Mama/Mom, Dada/Dad, dog, Jack, Gramma, ball and there is some sort of crazy noise that resembles 2 syllables and usually means Andrew. It’s this crazy high pitched squeal – but it’s always when he’s looking for Drew.

Play: Water is is favourite – the bath, the lake or his new water table = FUN! He’s also into playing “catch” rolling a ball on the floor back and forth to Drew or Daddy.


The Birthday: We celebrated Blake’s birthday twice – once at home and the next day at the cottage with more family. On his actual birthday, he enjoyed a scrumptious dinner of grilled cheese, ham, strawberries and yogurt. He then proceeded to polish off an entire chocolate cupcake with fresh raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream (Sweet Days – the best!).   Then on Saturday, we joined Gramma at the cottage! Uncle Al, Auntie Laura, Grandma Kelly, Uncle Brad, Brayden & Dad’s cousin Owen came out to enjoy a day of sun, swimming, fishing and water gun battles!  The birthday boy had an amazing time, but was pretty wiped by the time his 2nd round of cupcakes rolled around!  He actually had a nap in between his dinner and cupcake while everyone else ate!  He woke up groggy and with a low grade fever, but still managed to eat a little bit of cupcake!

IMG_3109   IMG_3121

Can’t wait for what the next year has in store!  Happy birthday buddy 🙂


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