13 Months of Hapiness

Over the long weekend our little man turned 13 months! The first check-in since his first birthday!

Stats: No official stats at this point, but at 12.5 months he was 26lbs! I don’t think the length measurement was all that accurate due to the squirminess of the patient, but this kid is tall!  We are officially out of most 18m sleepers!  Most 18 or 12-18m stuff still fits, but I’m sure it won’t be long until we have to shift the closet around again!

Sleep: B is officially down to one nap, especially at daycare.  Sometimes on the weekends he will take a short one in the morning and still put in a shift in the afternoon.  That’s probably because we have been keeping busy on the weekends and he is not a happy  camper if he is lacking in the sleep department.  Nights are still great – in bed between 6:30-7pm and up 12 hours later (usually between 6&7!).

Eats: Still eating everything – but we have done the ol’ peanut test and peanut butter is now a new (and safe!) favourite! The only common allergen we have left to try is shellfish, but that can wait a little bit.  He has tried quite a bit this month, but favourite foods right now are: blueberries, bananas, peanut butter & toast, spaghetti and rice.

One fun new thing is that he is loving straws!  This is making our transition away from bottles much easier.  Sippy cups are still “fun” and I’m not sure how much he actually drinks out of them, but his straw cups are a huge hit 🙂


Two new favourites: straws & lemonade!

Teeth: I`m going with 5…I know one isn`t quite all the way down, but it`s more than halfway!  This kid is very slow with the whole teething process, but I`m ok with that!

Check out the toothy grin that always makes me giggle! (Yes, he`s already hanging out at the arena!)



Words: Well, along with the previous vocab, we have now added constant blabbing.  Seriously, it sounds like a conversation going on but we have NO idea what he is saying.  Words like mom, dad, ball, Jack and dog are getting more and more clear.  He is really trying to at least get the syllables down.  In terms of sound, there is also this new screaming noise he does, especially when playing with Drew — it`s almost like he`s saying `LEAVE ME ALONE!` It`s pretty funny!


Best Friends!

Play: Playtime has gotten so much more fun now that B is WALKING! Now that he can cross into different rooms and can consistently take more the 5-10 steps at a time, I`d say he`s walking.  He is having fun chasing Drew around, being able to stand with him and play without tumbling.  He loves action heroes, tools, balls and Drew.   He also loves it at the cottage where he has his water table, he can play in the sand, swim and climb all over building materials as my mom renovates!   I also love the bath (or any water for that matter!).

My other favourite game (until Mom & Dad finally put up a baby gate) is stair climbing! It`s great for my exercising, but man it is not good for mom`s blood pressure!

Hanging out at the cottage!

Hanging out at the cottage!

Bath time fun!

Bath time fun!

Last Month`s Exciting News! We welcomed Weston Douglas Brian Stewart into our family on August 1st! Auntie Laura & Uncle Alan now have a very sweet little boy!  Blake & Drew can`t wait until he`s a little bigger and can play!


Drew (4 years old) & Weston (4 days old)

Until next month!


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