Taking Stock of July

Well, I’ve had an extra week to think about it…crap! I will get better 🙂

Making : training camp schedules
Drinking : water
Reading: Canada Winter Games uniform/commercialization policy…fun!
Wanting : a cleaning fairy
Looking : to get away with my famjam
Playing : superheroes
Wasting : water…so many dishes to do!
Wishing : I could live to work, not work to live lol
Enjoying : Being an Auntie for real this time!
Waiting : For the real summer weather!
Wondering : Why time goes so fast?
Loving : That my boys are best friends right now
Hoping : ^ it stays that way
Marveling : in how my four year old seems to have a teenager’s attitude
Needing : a massage…again
Smelling : Chinese food…mmm dinner
Wearing : comfies
Following : Rogers Cup & Jays
Noticing: the amount of clutter that seems to have accumulated with our basement reno
Thinking : of fun things to keep us busy this weekend!
Bookmarking: new vehicle possibilities (and dreams)
Opening : and closing the cupboards seems to be a hilarious game!
Giggling : at Blake “fighting” with Drew
Feeling: love.


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