Taking Stock of August

Making : lunches.
Drinking : water
Reading: School handouts & communication book
Wanting : to remember everything
Looking : to get away with my famjam…still
Playing : with bubbles
Wasting : time playing Candy Crush
Wishing : I had an unlimited home decorating budget
Enjoying : The quiet, rainy evening
Waiting : for new shows to start!
Wondering : what’s next?
Loving : That our basement reno is nearing completion
Hoping : Drew is truly enjoying Kindergarten
Marveling : that my baby is now a school kid
Needing : a nap
Smelling : Fresh baked cookies & banana oat muffins
Wearing : messy hair & comfy pjs
Following : US Open, the Ebola crisis, Toronto mayoral race
Noticing: how my husband is an amazing, kind, gentle and patient father
Thinking : of an old friend who suffered incredible loss last week.
Bookmarking: Fall crockpot recipes
Opening : a new box of tea
Giggling : at my babies’ love for life
Feeling: happy 🙂



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