Taking Stock – 2014 Finale

Ok, so I’ve neglected my blog lately – purposefully – but I’m ready to get back into it!

Making : to-do/grocery lists for the holidays
Drinking : tea
Reading: Other blogs and spurring jealousy that they all find time to update
Wanting : sunshine
Looking : for the perfect gifts
Playing : with need guns
Wasting : food at every meal trying to guess what my kids will eat
Wishing : We could see everyone we sent to over the holidays
Enjoying : Having my husband home on a Saturday night
Waiting : for the dishes to do themselves
Wondering :
Loving : That I am a hockey mom now!
Hoping : The boys are always such good friends
Marveling : how much Drew learns every day
Needing : sleep
Smelling : Freshly made nuts and bolts
Wearing : Roots sweats, bare feet, long sleeved t
Following : Leafs, WJHC
Noticing: how much the boys change every.single.day
Thinking : “I wish my dad were here….” a lot lately
Bookmarking: Office ideas
Opening : Pinterest
Giggling : always
Feeling: excited to be surrounded by family, friends and the magic of Christmas this week