Miss you more than ever…

Late last night I arrived in Toronto after 10 days away in Prince George, BC for Canada Winter Games. While driving home, I got this feeling…one I haven’t had in a long time. I got this super creepy, but super welcomed feeling that my dad was with me keeping my eyes open and my focus on getting home safe. After over 14 hours of travel already and a snow storm to boot, I knew I needed to be home today and chose to drive instead of staying another night away. Weird that today marks 6 years since we lost him and here I was driving home from Toronto again reliving that awful day. Weird that I felt his presence all of a sudden. Weird that I didn’t feel weird about it. Weird that I didn’t want it to go away.

This trip is just what I needed to reconnect with everything I loved about my dad. His pride in me, his sense of humor, his love of sport, his sincere interest in my adventures and his relentless support of everything I did. I found myself this morning wanting to call him and tell him all about my latest adventure to my first multi-sport games with an amazing group of young elite women and what have become 3 of my closest friends (9 nights in bunk beds will do that!) whose bench staff I was privileged to be a part of. The games we played, the different sports we got to see, the city, the new friendships I have formed, the wins, the losses, the medal, the pranks, the fun, the exhaustion, the Games. I could have talked to him for hours this morning.

I am very fortunate to have the opportunities I do to travel the country and experience these types of events. Without his pressure to play, his advice to get an education in something I love and his advice to do what I love, I probably would never have taken this opportunity. I spent the week with the excited, eager, beyond supportive parents of 18 young athletes and couldn’t help but remember some of the amazing trips and memories I have with my own. This would have been one that we would have remembered forever and I hope they will too.

I miss you dad, and not a day goes by where I don’t want to send you a note, a picture or drop in for a visit. Thanks for all you have instilled in me and I hope that I can have even an ounce of that impact on my own boys.


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